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Stephen Colagiuri, Editor InChief

  • Dear Colleague,

    We are all aware that diabetes is a major global health problem, affecting millions of people worldwide. I believe that addressing global problems requires a combination of global resources and individual effort. That’s why I am delighted to introduce you to the Progress in Insulin Management Resource Centre, a global online educational platform to help diabetologists, endocrinologists, and primary care physicians stay up-to-date in diabetes care.

    What will you find in this Resource Centre? First and foremost, you will have access to some of the latest publications from peer-reviewed, scientific journals, along with breaking news from congresses and events. These articles and news items are selected by our independent editorial board, based on relevancy and the potential to impact current practice.

    The art of medicine has always been about more than just data, and keeping up-to-date in diabetes requires more than just an accumulation of journal articles. That’s why the Resource Centre also includes materials designed to put new information in perspective, provide insights from the experts, and tackle some of the issues that health care providers face in clinical practice today. Resources include webcasts, interviews, and roundtable discussions; case study presentations; infographics and other learning activities, to name a few.

    I have always been interested in how we—as healthcare providers—learn, and in exploring new ways to learn that are both effective and well-suited for our modern lives. On this website, you will find educational courses composed of various electronic resources and activities, intended to bring the latest information on diabetes control to life. Each course focuses on a different topic related to diabetes management, including basal insulin analogues, insulin combination therapy, and basal insulin–GLP-1 RA combination therapy.

    We are committed to creating a focused but comprehensive Resource Centre for health care professionals who are interested in learning more about diabetes. As new items are added on a regular basis, I hope you continue to explore, and find new ways to stay up-to-date on this important global health problem.

    Warm regards,

    Stephen Colagiuri
    Editor in Chief

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