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Which Insulins Are Suitable for Use in Pumps?

Roundtable - John Pickup, Tadej Battelino, Lutz Heinemann, Sarah Cvach

Insulin Educatinal Programme - 4.8 Roundtable


In this roundtable discussion, leading experts in the field of insulin pump therapy discuss recent advances (and the challenges that remain) in the use of insulin pumps for the management of diabetes. Panel members provide their unique perspectives on available insulins for use with insulin pumps, and explore the potential advantages and disadvantages of using ultra-fast-acting insulin analogues in conjunction with insulin pump systems.


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Learning Objectives

After viewing this roundtable discussion, participants should be able to:                

  • List the different insulin analogues that are suitable for use in insulin pump therapy
  • Discuss the importance of the time–action profile
  • Identify some of the current challenges with insulin pump therapy
  • Recognize the need for a more rapidly absorbed insulin for use in insulin pump therapy
  • Identify which patients should be considered for treatment with ultra-fast-acting insulin analogues administered via insulin pump, and which types of patients might benefit the most from this approach to diabetes management