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Insulin : Making Sense of Current Options

Alissa R. Segal, Tejaswi Vootla, Richard S. Beaser

Newer insulin products have advanced the evolution of insulin replacement options to more accurately mimic natural insulin action. There are new, modified, and concentrated insulins; administration devices calibrated for both increased concentrations and administration accuracy to improve adherence and safety; and inhaled insulin. There are new combinations of longer-acting basal insulin and rapid-acting insulin or glucagon like protein-1 receptor agonists. Existing insulin replacement designs and methods can be updated using these tools to improve efficacy and safety. Individualized decisions to use them should be based on patient physiologic needs, self-care ability, comorbidities, and cost considerations.

Keywords: Insulin, Glargine U-300, Insulin degludec, Basaglar, Lispro U-200, Afrezza, Regular U-500, Insulin therapy.