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Basal Insulin Analogues for Primary Care Physicians

for Primary Care Physicians

In this course, you will learn about the importance of tight glycaemic control for the prevention of long-term complications and learn to differentiate between the various insulin treatments based on their duration of action. The course will provide the rationale and safety profile for new basal insulin analogues used to control HbA1c and help you identify and manage patients for whom this treatment would be a viable option. Sign up to the E-Alert to be updated on all new publications.

Course contents

  • Webcast

    Current data on efficacy and safety of newer insulin analogues

    • Hypoglycaemia and dosing
    • Real-world experience
    • Individualized treatment – present a case study from clinical practice
  • Animated e-learning

    Differences between various insulin therapies and their effect on glycemic control and hypoglycaemia

    • Top level graphical representation of PK/PD profile of available insulin therapies
    • Glucose-lowering profile and hypoglycaemia effects of available insulin therapies
    • Flexible dosing
  • Animated table

    Summary of existing guidelines on insulin initiation and intensification

    • Summarize core information and updates for ADA/EASD, IDF, NICE guidelines
    • Highlight HbA1c, FPG, PPG targets for PCPs
    • Recommended insulin initiation and intensification regimens
  • Selected article

    Safety and efficacy of insulin glargine 300 u/mL compared with other basal insulin therapies in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus: a network meta-analysis

  • Selected article

    Geographic patterns in patient demographics and insulin use in 18 countries, a global perspective from the multinational observational study assessing insulin use: understanding the challenges associated with progression of therapy (MOSAIc)

  • Selected article

    Clinical use of insulin degludec

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