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  • Sep 2017
    Sep 2017

    This conference, which is organised by the Korean Diabetes Association and will be held in English, features plenary lectures, main symposia, corporate symposia as well as various types of sessions (special-interest research group sessions, special sessions, committee sessions). Topics that will be treated during this event include clinical diabetes, metabolic syndrome and prediabetes, insulin secretion and action, micro- and macrovascular complications, epidemiology and genetics, integrated physiology/obesity as well as therapeutics, behaviour, nutrition, education and exercise.

    Seoul, South Korea
  • Oct 2017
    Oct 2017

    Diabetes Asia 2017 is part of the “Continuing Professional Development” Series, which have been introduced in 2002 and address issues such as the prevention, early diagnosis and optimal management of diabetes. The event is organised by the National Diabetes Institute of Malaysia, a non-profit organisation, and endorsed by the Malaysian Ministry of Health. Its target audience are healthcare professionals who are responsible for managing people with diabetes as well as researchers.

    This 4-day conference aims at improving the management of diabetes. While focussing on recent advances in the understanding and care of diabetes, its complications and related diseases, it will also take into account the practical aspects of diabetes care. The programme will feature plenary sessions, special lectures, symposia and “Meet the Professor” sessions, tackling various topics in the field of diabetes.

    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Nov 2017
    Nov 2017

    The World Congress on Clinical Trials in Diabetes was introduced in 2016 in order to address unresolved issues with regard to clinical trials as well as drug and device development in diabetes. The congress aims at improving the design of clinical trials and the regulatory processes, promoting the use of digital medicine and powering post-marketing surveillance. The scientific programme will have a broad therapeutic focus and tackle both the global and specific regional differences. This year’s programme will focus on the following key areas:

    • Design the Best Study, a Clinical Program for Success
    • Current Regulatory Trends in Diabetes Drug Development
    • Better Understanding of How to Collaborate with Regulatory Authorities
    • GCP Learning and Best Practices
    • Translational and Preclinical Trends in Diabetes
    • Cardiovascular Outcome Studies and Clinical Guidelines
    • Operational Aspects in Diabetes
    Berlin, Germany
  • Dec 2017
    Dec 2017

    Shape the future of diabetes

    The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) is an umbrella organization of over 230 national diabetes associations in 165 countries and territories. The federation’s various activities aim to influence policy, increase public awareness and encourage health improvement, promote the exchange of high-quality information about diabetes, and provide education for people with diabetes and their healthcare providers.

    The scientific programme of the IDF 2017 Congress will consist of over 160 hours of sessions featuring 300 high-level speakers. The programme covers all areas in the field of diabetes; it is split into the following 9 streams:

    • Basic and Clinical Science
    • Science of Diabetic Complications
    • Diabetic Foot
    • Diabetes and Disasters
    • Diabetes in Society and Culture
    • Diabetes in Women and Children
    • Education and Integrated Care
    • Epidemiology and Public Health
    • Living with Diabetes
    , United Arab Emirates

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