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Achieving Optimal Glycaemic Control: Can Insulin Deliver?

Roundtable - David Russell-Jones, Thomas Danne, Andreas Liebl



In this activity, Professor Russell-Jones, Professor Danne, and Professor Liebl present two patient profiles to illustrate some of the practical challenges in achieving optimal glycaemic control in patients with diabetes. These profiles will highlight the importance of postprandial glucose levels, introduce strategies to help control postprandial glucose excursions, and educate on role of ultra-fast-acting insulin analogues.

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Learning Objectives

Following the roundtable discussion, healthcare professionals should:

  • Be aware of the importance of achieving postprandial glucose control when insulin therapy is being used
  • Discuss the role of ultra-fast-acting insulin analogues in the therapeutic armamentarium
  • Be able to compare pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic data for fast-acting and ultra-fast-acting insulin analogues
  • Recognize the convenience of ultra-fast-acting insulin analogues, and the challenges that remain regarding their use
  • Identify which patients will most benefit from treatment with ultra-fast-acting insulins